Private water supplies – the support you need

Whether you are a large local authority, or an individual  using a private water supply, our range of analysis and testing services is comprehensive and our standards are exacting. Our service has a national reputation for excellence, at a competitive price. All private water supplies should be registered with the local authority environmental health department and testing is required  periodically to ensure that the water is fit for consumption.

Keeping your private water supply safe, and complying  with legislation is not easy but our specialist staff have all the expertise you need. We can test your supply for a wide  range of chemical and microbiological contaminants at our  state-of-the-art laboratory.

We can also provide all the necessary sample containers to complete a water quality assessment, and can even offer a sampling service  in some areas. We will also help interpret the results and  compare them to the regulatory requirements. Advice,  equipment, expertise – everything you need to keep your private water supply safe. If you would like to find out more about testing your private water supply, get in touch.