Our services

We carry out over a million tests a year at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Farnborough, Hampshire.

We offer water testing services for businesses, local authorities and private clients, with comprehensive testing services for water supplies, wastewater, environmental waters, systems waters and Legionella control.

Our current clients include water companies, environmental consultants, individuals wanting to test a private water supply, leisure facilities, local authorities, nursing homes, water hygiene companies and environmental consultants.

All of our clients are allocated a dedicated account manager. It's their job to ensure you receive the best possible service, tailored to your individual needs at a price you can afford.

Six steps to peace of mind....

  1. Get in touch - Contact us so that we can discuss your analytical and service requirements
  2. Tests - We can help you decide on the analysis you need
  3. Sampling - We can supply you with everything you need to do the job yourself. Or, we can do it on your behalf.
  4. Collection and delivery - Our drivers can deliver sample containers and collect samples from your premises in our dedicated, fully equipped fleet of tracked and temperature managed vehicles
  5. Analysis - Our expert lab teams will test and report on your samples quickly and efficiently
  6. Advice - We'll help you interpret the results and let you know if they comply with regulatory limits

Our customers

We offer testing services for a wide ranging customer base, from domestic users to multinational companies. See below for more information on the sectors we work in.

Water treatment and hygiene sector

We provide water testing services for a number of water treatment and hygiene companies. Our range of analysis and testing services is comprehensive and our standards are exacting. Whether you need to test for Legionella, system waters or private water supplies, we offer a service with a national reputation for excellence, at a competitive price.   more

Private water supplies

Our specialist staff can give you all the advice you need, to help you keep your private water supply safe and ensure it complies with the current legislation.   more

Pools and spas

Whether you need to monitor a swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool or a spa, we offer a service with a national reputation for excellence.   more

Local authorities

Local authorities have demanding legal responsibilities for public health. We understand that, and we work closely with our customers to help them meet these regulatory requirements. South East Water Scientific Services offers a fast, comprehensive analytical service at a competitive price to help ease the organisational burden on time-pressed officers.   more

Identifying the source of leaks

Leaks can be damaging, costly, and can pose significant health risks. But it can often be hard to find the source of the leak, making it impossible to stop the problem. That is where South East Water Scientific Services can help.   more

Residential care home sector

Owners of nursing and residential care homes face great challenges to meet regulatory requirements, including the need to keep residents safe from Legionella bacteria. The range of testing services we offer is truly comprehensive, and our standards are exacting.   more