A Day in the Lab

A Day in the Lab


  • with special guests David Hinton, Tanya Sephton and Neil Hudson


The South East Water Scientific Services recently hosted some special guests who were invited to go “Back to the Lab”.

South East Water’s very own David Hinton (Asset and Regulation Director), Tanya Sephton (Commercial Director) and Dr. Neil Hudson (Head of Water Quality) spent a day in specific sections within the Laboratory.

Having a background in this particular field, David Hinton returned to the Microbiology Department, analysing coliforms and legionella amongst other things.

Dr. Hudson was back in his area of expertise – Chemistry, looking at both Inorganic and Organic processes, discussing method procedures and logistics.

Being close to the commercial side of our business, Tanya Sephton dedicated her time to Sample Reception, the main point of contact for most customers and the central part of the Lab.

At the end of the day, the whole experience was described as extremely valuable by directors and analysts alike, especially for creating the perfect opportunity to share experiences and perspectives.

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